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"Merry Men Press"
Description: Zines of homoerotic content in word and illustrations.
Merry Men Press
1617 N 6th St.
Canon City, Co. 81212 - USA

Welcome to the information guide for Merry Men Press Publications.

We hope to explain the rules and to make sense of them. We hope (and hope and hope....) If our explanations aren't enough, please contact us. We'll try again. Feed back is necessary to keep moving forward. Okay, to work.


Dear Friends,

I can't thank Shelley B. and Kathy S. enough for their work on this production. When you order from me, feel free to ask for the hard copy catalog. It's huge! If you choose not to, then feel free to print out individual pages, hole punch them and put them in a three ring notebook. You can add the new pages as they become available and this will keep your catalog current.

Remember, if you want a hard copy, just let me know.

At about 60 zines, or so, my friends decided that I needed a catalog, but the work of thrashing through so many zines, picking good passages AND the dreaded typing were more than I could face. When these stupid, er,  naive, er, gullible, wonderful ladies started thumbing through the zines, you should have seen their faces! Now, remember, it wasn't my idea, however, they were correct. I did and do need a catalog just as I now need a website. The catalog is with love from Shelley and Kathy, and the website is from the Brazilian Bombshell Marianne Müller.

Kudo's, presents, money, LOC's gratefully accepted!

A word from our sponsor: YOU must begin to write, if you want to continue to read this stuff. Yes, this does mean you. Try it! Yes, that is an order! See the guidelines suggestions. I am available for encouragement, story ideas, good with writers block and desperately looking for artists (have many, many photo references), the above mentioned Brazilian Bombshell is wearing out her wrists.


- Here you can find all the zines. Synopsis of all the Zines can be found by their individual pages.

Art Info

Art - love it! As always, all art is welcome. Send it all! More to it, go to the Art Info Page, please.

Poetry - These little gems add a lot to a zine. Heartfelt and heart warm. If you want to get into the flow, tell a story in one page. Not everyone reads poems, but those who do, love them!

How to Submit Guidelines - Info on Submissions Guidelines you will find here.

How to Order and make Payments
- Info on them you will find here.

What´s New?
What´s New? - Anywhere you see this sign, it will lead you to the What´s New? Page. All updates, new art or new pages will be announced there.

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