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A K/S zine devoted to the love between Kirk and Spock. Very sexy, very explicit and then, maybe not. What's important is for the readers to see the 'first time' Kirk and Spock realize that they feel 'that way' about each other. There may be explicit (yeah!) sex involved or not. But rest assured there will be love. Stories will encompass from their childhood through Starfleet Academy to beyond the movies. Anything our writers can imagine. A tasty treat for the readers!

This site contains fiction descriptions and illustrations that may depict sex and/or romatic relationships between two beings of the same gender. The site is voluntarily rated 'Adult Only'. If you're not old enough to read stuff like this (18 in the US), and you have managed to get here anyway, or if the whole idea just makes you barf, then please leave. Go away. Now. You’ll save yourself a lot of money in thearpy costs.

"Merry Men Press"
since March , 2002

Zines of homoerotic content in word and illustrations.

Obligatory copyright statement:
The characters don't belong to me. I only have fun with them. All the original stuff belongs to Paramount, who have my endless thanks for providing such a marvelous and flexible canvas and cast of characters.

NC17 - XXX

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