First Time


Yes, once again (when I swore I'd never do this again) we're going to do a contest for FT 62. Contest, you say? Big deal, a free zine, animal crackers, old tribbles, or whatever. Nope, nothing so trite.

Money. How does that sound? More about that later.

Rules are simple:

First Time, happy ending, movies or series, not to exceed 100 of MY pages. See? Told ya, a piece of cake, or perhaps beefcake, eh?

There will be NO editing. Suggestions for ideas, what ifs, as always, just call for help. But NO line editing. So watch those excessive prepositional phrases and those myriad of he's, him's and it's! Remember it's not the editor you have to impress this time (of course the story has to be accepted, ya know), it's truly your readers who hold the reins.


December 31, 2006. By the time you see this, it should give you about 5 months. R.S.V.P. a must! If you're truly going to make the attempt. AND you must keep in touch with me to keep me alive during the dry spell to come….AND for those of you who are currently working on stories for FT 61, get busy, because 61 comes before 62 and I expect those stories! Yes, Teri, this means you!


MSWord, Word Perfect any form, Rich Text, typed pages(I have an OCR program, Ascii (Ugh!) or hand written (only if you must). See? Something for everyone.


Ah, hah! Got you here. YOU will be the judges. Voting will commence 6 weeks after the zine is in print. The stories will be published

WITHOUT authors' names, therefore you cannot be influenced by reputation.


Hmmm, most of you tell me you don't much care for it. But we'll have it. Also, unfortunately, there can be no art as that can also influence. Remember that this way you WON'T find yourself saying 'Gee, Looks like Georgia Burns has a story here. I can't write that well, so I won't even try….' You won't know, so you can take a chance. And that's what happened the last 2 times: A first time writer won hands down. Blew right by the very, very best and she'd never written a K/S story before! Check out FT 7! Winners and names will be published in the following MMP publication.


1st Place—$200

2nd Place—$100

3rd Place—$50

Poetry—a zine of your choice from MMP (if you have all of them, thank you and you can pick something from the collection)

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